Plump up that Epidermal Layer For your “Special” Glow

The weather is changing and with it so does our skin regime. With cool weather comes dry chapped lips, hands and sometimes cheeks. But don’t be too quick to accept the fate of your dry skin; there are things we can be doing to ensure our skin gets all the TLC it needs and deserves. The most important thing is hydration. Make sure you’re drinking lots of liquids – and not the caffeinated and alcoholic drink if your goal is beautiful sin.

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    Rummage around in your old junk and dig out the humidifier that you know you have. Blow the dust off the top of that little miracle machine because if you commit to keeping it running while you are in your house you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the huge difference something so small can make in terms of bringing your skin to life and helping alleviate those surface lines and wrinkles. Buy one with a timer to make life even easier.

  2. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean that the sun won’t burn your skin. Remember your sunscreen. I recommend SPF 70 during the summer months but you can get away with something as low as 30 throughout the cooler cloudy seasons. Sunscreen is helpful in preventing skin pigmentation problems, which 75% of women over their 40s have. It is also helpful in the preventing fine lines and wrinkles as well as more serious problems such as melanoma.
  3. Always, Always always use a good moisturizer. If you’ve already found one your passionate about and believe in then you are already one step ahead of the game. I am a product whore…My closest friends who know me know this about me. I’ve tried them all. I like most of them but also have my absolute favorites. I would recommend bio-elements for your face. It’s super moisturizing and absorbs evenly.

I used to think my face was oily until I got a facial and she told me my skin was dry and trying to overcompensate. Ever since then I started using extra hydrating products on my face and my skin has thanked me immensely. My blemishes have cleared up almost completely.
Eucerin for eczema works wonders for everywhere else. I’ve tried other brands for eczema and they feel good at first but they peel off my skin in little balls after I think it’s all soaked in. Ew, that’s not fun! It’s messy and can be embarrassing.
For that extra kick, Aveda makes a hydrating mask with aloe and I’ll sleep with that on. My skin feels as soft as a baby’s bum by morning.

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